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Questions & Answers

Q: What is pulsed light?

A: Pulsed Light technology use flash lamps that emit gentle pulses of light and heat, which are then absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles.  Excellent long term results are achieved when treating unwanted hair, in all areas of the body.

Q: How does light-based technology work?

A: Light based technology uses a process known as “selective photothermolysis,” which works by selective destruction of a specified target, without damaging the surrounding tissue.  The hair reduction treatment is based on the absorption of the light by the melanin pigment in the hair follicle.  Light energy combined with heat is then absorbed in the follicle, which coagulates the follicle’s root.  The result of the treatment series is the reduction of hair by 80 – 90%.

Q: Are pulsed-light aesthetic treatments painful?

A: No. During the treatment, a slight and momentary stinging sensation may be felt, but not pain.  Certain areas of the body are more sensitive than others.

Q: Are pulsed-light aesthetic treatments safe?

A: All pulsed-light treatments are non-invasive and safe, with minimum side effects and no downtime.

Q: What is the average rate of hair growth?

A: About 0.35mm a day, but this varies depending on body area, age and gender.

Q: How many treatments are required?

A: The typical regimen is 6-8 treatment sessions, spaced 4-12  weeks apart, depending on the body area and treatment stage.

Q: Why are multiple treatments necessary?

A: About 20% of human hair follicles on the body are in the “growth phase” at any given time.  This is the percentage of hair follicles that can be destroyed in a single treatment session.  This stage of hair growth is called the Anagen stage, and this is the desired phase for effective Hair Reduction treatment results.  In order to eliminate the 80 – 90% of unwanted hair, multiple treatments respectively spaced apart, are required.

Q: Why is pulsed-light treatment preferred over the use of topical acne medications?

A: Topical acne medications often irritate the skin, and more than 40% of acne bacteria are insensitive to oral antibiotics.  Furthermore, topical treatments may produce severe side effects, can be costly and usually require 3-4 months of therapy.

Q: How many treatments are required?

A: The typical treatment regimen is 8 – 10 short treatment sessions over a period of 4-5 weeks, to reduce papules and pustules by 60 – 65%.

Q: What are the advantages of SharpLight treatments of acne?

A: Patients experience no side effects, expediting the acne healing process, as well as increased probability and prevention of acne scaring.

Q: What is radio frequency and infrared?

A: Radio Frequency and Infrared use different types of energy to heat the varying layers of the skin, and provide a positive tissue response.

Q: How do radio frequency treatments work?

A: Radio Frequency body contouring uses water within the body to transmit energy, which works to rupture localized fat cells by raising the temperature of the skin’s tissue in designated skin layers.

Q: How does infrared light-based technology work?

A: Infrared light-based technology creates heat that stimulates and contracts collagen fibers and tightens the skin without damaging surrounding tissue.

Q: Are radio frequency and infrared treatments safe?

A: All radio frequency and infrared treatments are non-invasive and safe, with no downtime.

Q: Are radio frequency and infrared treatments painful?

A: Radio Frequency treatments are warm and relaxing, and feel much like a heated massage. Our Infrared treatments are comfortable and painless; a warm and slight tingling sensation may be felt as the temperature of the skin heats up.

Q: What does body contouring entail?

A: This procedure uses radio frequency waves (RF) to produce heat within the skin; this heat effectively targets and breaks down fat cells. The fat is absorbed by the lymphatic system and then flushed out. The infrared (IR) waves are used to tighten the skin.  In addition, the treatment stimulates a process which rejuvenates the surrounding skin and renews collagen fibers, resulting in a more youthful and firmer looking skin.

Q: How many treatments are required?

A: Approximately 8-12 weekly sessions are recommended for optimal results, along with suggested subsequent maintenance sessions.

Q: How long is the duration of the treatment?

A: Both body contouring and skin tightening sessions will be between 20 – 60 minutes, dependant on the area being treated.  Regular activities can be immediately resumed post treatment.

Q: When do results become visible?

A: Between 70 – 80% of all patients reported an immediate improvement in reduction in body contour measurements, tighter skin and reduced skin laxity. While immediate improvement is visible, optimal results are seen after a full treatment series has been completed.

Q: What specific kind of results can one expect?

A: Although final results are individual, a typical body contouring treatment series can decrease body measurements by 2 – 4 inches.

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